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Note** -  If you find the screenshots in this article not similar to tatsu interface in your site, it is likely that you are using an older version of the Plugin. You can refer the docs for old version of TATSU for Oshine and Exponent in that case. 

Tatsu Standalone – Top Features & Benefits

Top Features

Top Features - Tatsu page builder

Effortless Module Addition

Have you tried other popular drag-n-drop page builders where you are required to manually drag and drop the required module which was a struggle with many missed drops? Not anymore, with Tatsu just click on the Module of your choice and it will be added to your page, as simple as that.

50+ Modules

Tatsu is loaded with useful modules using which you can build a fully functional web page. Its popular modules include Text Block, Inline Text, Button, Icon, Google Maps, Animated link, Video, Testimonials Slider, Call to Action, Sidebar, Star Rating, and many more.

Responsive Controls

Tatsu’s responsive controls enable you to modify your page layout responsively. That way, the layout of your page can be modified without requiring any code changes, and you can see how the modified version of your web page will look on different screen sizes on Mobile, Tablet, Mobile, and Desktop.

Custom CSS & JS

Tatsu being extremely customizable also offers to add page wise custom CSS & JS to each page if required to beautify the page even more  

Multi-Select Operations

The multiple selection feature in Tatsu lets you select multiple modules in a single click. You can select multiple modules simultaneously and can perform the Edit, Delete and Duplicate operations on the selected modules at the same time.

TypeHub, ColorHub, BE Grid and BE GDPR

Type Hub is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create a custom font profile for your website. You’ll also be able to upload custom fonts and integrate them with Adobe’s Typekit. Color Hub is a tool that lets you easily create swatches and color palettes, which you can then use in Tatsu.

BE Grid is a plug-in for Tatsu that allows you to create beautiful portfolios and to add custom modules. With BE GDPR we help you make sure you’re website GDPR ready and we also provide regular support.

Benefits of Using Tatsu Standalone

Benefits of Using Tatsu Standalone  - Tatsu page builder

Tatsu Standalone as discussed is an independent version of Tatsu Builder. There are many benefits of having Tatsu Standalone on your WordPress site. 

One of the major benefits of having a page builder like Tatsu is that it is reasonably priced and is cheaper when compared to its bundled version. 

If you are a website owner and want to build professional-looking custom web pages you either go buy an expensive theme or call for professional help. Another easier way of achieving the same is by using a Page Builder.

Tatsu Page Builder has 50+ useful drag and drop modules that can be used as required within your page. The plugin also has multiple header and Footer Concepts that can be included on your website with a single click and modified further as required.

Also, TypeHub and ColorHub Plugins come hands to beautify the webpage even further. So, you get all this functionality with the Standalone version plus if you upgrade to the Agency Plan BE Grid and GDPR Tools are also included.

So, it becomes a pretty good deal!

Tatsu Builder is compatible with many third-party plugins and themes. Thus it can be used on any website that runs on any third-party WordPress theme and plugins. Tatsu Core has been tried and tested for compatibility with leading WordPress Themes and plugins.

Also, even if you end up having some issue we have a 24×7 operative support team to assist you whenever needed. You can drop us an email at [email protected] and we would get back to you as soon as possible.

Tatsu Core comes with many pre-built Header, Footer, and Global Section Templates. They provide you a base to start with and can help you modify it even further depending on your imagination and requirements.

Templates mixed with the might of Tatsu are enough to create a beautiful webpage for your visitors to cherish.

So to summarize, Tatsu Standalone is way better and gets you started quickly.