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Note** -  If you find the screenshots in this article not similar to tatsu interface in your site, it is likely that you are using an older version of the Plugin. You can refer the docs for old version of TATSU for Oshine and Exponent in that case. 


Tatsu footer builder provides a full visual interface to build anything from a simple footer with just logo and copyright text to most complex footer with multiple rows and additional elements. It is powered by Tatsu. If you have read the articles on Tatsu Overview or used Tatsu builder in the past, the interface of Tatsu Footer Builder will just be similar to it.


The building blocks of Footer Builder are same as the Tatsu page builder i.e Sections, Rows, Columns and Modules. If you have not used the Tatsu Page Builder before, we recommend you read through the articles below to get to know the various ways to navigate within the builder –

  1. Tatsu Overview
  2. Building a page with Tatsu
  3. Context Menu and Observer
  4. Responsive Controls

Before starting to build the footers using Tatsu Footer Builder, you may have to follow the steps below to know how to Add or Edit a Footer in your site.

Adding a new Footer
  • On wordpress dashboard go to Tatsu Footers > Add Footer.
  • Give the Footer a Name and Publish it.
  • Click on Edit with TATSU to start editing the Footer using Footer Builder.

Edit a Footer

Editing the Active Footer – At once only one Footer can be active. The Footer that is currently visible on your site is the Active Footer. It can be edited by clicking on the TATSU FOOTER BUILDER link in the admin panel. 

Editing inactive Footer – To edit a Non Active Footer using TATSU, simply navigate to Tatsu Footer > All Footer > Choose the respective footer > Click on Edit with TATSU. 

  1. If you have imported a Sample Demo Content as per the instructions here you will have the Footer belonging to that demo imported automatically and will also be set as the Active Footer. In which case, you can just start editing the Footer.  
  2. While editing a footer if Tatsu, if you get an error message that says “Editable Content Area not Found” , it is likely a permalink issue. Kindly navigate to SETTINGS > PERMALINKS and set the permalink style to Default ( Plain ) and SAVE the settings. Then set your original permalink style (ex. Post name ) and SAVE the settings again. This will refersh the permalinks and you will be able to edit your footer in TATSU.